26 October 2007

A Case For Self-Defense

I am hoping that you recall last year when Israel invaded Lebanon and pretty much destroyed the entire country's infrastructure. The Israelis were after Hezbollah for its part in scattered attacks and the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers. Shall I go on?

At that time during a news briefing when asked about the invasion, Pres. Bush said, Israel has a right to defend itself against its enemies. He also said that if you harbor terrorists you are just as guilty of terror as the terrorists.

If you take the Pres. at his word, where is the problem with Turkey's impending invasion of N. Iraq? They are defending themselves and the PKK are a terrorist organization that is being harbored in N. Iraq. Where is the problem?

Could it be that only Israel may defend themselves? Let us see here, Hezbollah held 2 Israeli soldiers hostage, right? The PKK is holding 8 Turkish soldiers hostage, where the difference? Hezbollah is designated as a terrorists organization, BTW so is the PKK. Where is the difference? Well, Israel is a parliamentary democracy, so is Turkey. Where the difference?

OK mental midgets, you really want to know where the difference is? AIPAC! This lobbying group has a lot more bought influence than any Turkish lobby. It is all about MONEY! One could make the case that Israel is a Judeo-Christian religion and Turkey is Muslim. You may not want to hear that, but it does make a difference.

The real reason that Bush is trying to stave off an invasion by Turkey is because of his legacy. He is afraid that it will get even more bad than it is now. He has beat his chest about going after terrorist wherever they are found, yet he and his entourage have allowed a terrorist group to operate out of a country they control.

Watch this an see which way the Turks will go. Will they take the plunge and embarass Bush by invading Northern Iraq?

26 Oct 07


tumbleweed said...

Now the US is going to help Turkey invade parts of Iraq. Unbelievable. We are helping then locate the PKK.We should be keeping them on their own side of the border and let them fight the PKK there, not in Iraq.

CHUQ said...

Welcome back--good to hear from you--I was getting lonely. LOL. I do not understand why the US allows the PKK to exist. That is not what Bob-o has said.

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