10 October 2007

Another Republican Debate

Last nite it was the Repubs turn in the barrel, they lined up on a stage in Michigan to answer questions. Not much is different than the Dems debates. Questions asked, answers attempted.

This is my take on the winners and losers. No one will agree with I am sure of that, but I look for certain qualities in the candidates, not just how they tap dance. The rest of the media looks to see if they screw up or how they appear and that is what they sell to the public, that is why Giuliani is in the lead.

And the winner is!........Ron Paul, why? He was confrontational and on his message. He is an individual.

Rudy was next, because he was on his message--whatever that is.

Thompson was third. WHY? He was there and awake. He did not embarrass himself. He was a bit nervous at first but settled down and played the part well.

Mitt next--he was Mitt, he was well groomed and he was boring and ridiculous.

McCain was there and a bit feisty but he just does not seem to have anything to say but Nat security.

Huckabee--He is a likable guy for a preacher, but I just do not think he can make it.

Hunter, Brownback were there and answered questions but for the life of me I cannot remember anything they said.

You notice I left out Tancredo, that is right, because he called Katrina survivors as lazy and I am one of those people, he has got nothing to say I would listen to, so if he talked I went and took a dump. So if you support him all I can say is.........that is your problem!

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