09 October 2007

The 24 Hour Media

Just thought I would rant once more--since not many read this I can vent a bit and relieve the pressure on my safety valve.

CNN and others bill themselves as a 24 hour media outlet.......thinking.....thinking......no it is not! I am a news junkie and I am always watching or listening to the news and NO channel is a 24 hour news outlet. They record parts of their shows and is shown over and over in the early morning hours.

CNN and their tag line of "All the news you can use" is a waste of words. I mean look at yesterday:

Shooting in Wisconsin
School lock down in Florida
Plane missing in Washington
New Mexico balloon accident

What part of this is national news? At best it is a local story that needs to be covered by local affiliates. Not one of these stories concern a national audience. It is fluff and used so that they can forgo reporting stuff that truly concerns the nation. During these hours nothing happened in Afghanistan? Or Burma? Or Sudan?

Well these organizations are a 24 hour news service-----just not 24 hours in a row.


tumbleweed said...

I give up on all the major news outlets. Too many repeat stories. Besides, I scan the headlines a lot online so I could actually get by not even turning on the tv for news.

CHUQ said...

Hello Tumble thanx for stopping by. I will be back to APF as soon as I figure out what the hell is wrong.

I agree with you--I listen to get crap for the update.

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