13 October 2007


The stupid statements just keep coming, it is a source that just keeps giving, lame ass sayings. This nominee is from our good friend and moral BS supporter, Bill O'reilly. He said this about Carter's criticism of the Bush policies. It seems that Bill watched an interview that Wolf Blitzer has with Carter and now his summation of the show.

"Summing up, that interview was simply awful. President Carter is entitled to his opinion, but history is history, and he has no right to distort it, president or not. CNN has lots of problems. They now have another one."

Ya gotta love a guy that has more mouth than brains. He keeps this up he could be the next "ASSIE" winner.


tumbleweed said...

Bill O'reilly is a moron and and a waste of good airtime.

CHUQ said...

Agrred, but I would say a waste of a perfectly good body.

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