05 October 2007


I have yet another totally anal statement that I will put into the mix for the most anal saying of the year. This one comes from Press Sec. Perino, when asked about the two secret memos on terrorist interrogation. She said:

"It was safe, necessary, lawful and saved American lives".

"....saved American lives". This is the part I liked, I mean would we have accepted that excuse from the North Vietnamese on the torture of McCain and others? Not likely! As I have said before it implies that the people receiving the torture were somehow less human than Americans and therefore it was acceptable to treat they inhumanely.

Look for the complete list on Dec 15 or so. You input is happily accepted.


tumbleweed said...

Perino isn't any more convincing that the last mouthpiece.

CHUQ said...

At least she is cuter than the last. lol

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