20 October 2007

Presidential Amusement

If you are amused, how do you react? Smile, smirk or a chuckle?

With that established, recently Calif. Democrat Stark has taken heat for his comment that troops would die for the amusement of the President. Every conservative since Machiavelli has jumped on this with both feet. It was a God send for them, something they could use to divert attention from their seemingly lack of concern for children. Stark's comment was a bad idea and should have never been voiced.

Why have the democrats not retaliated? With what, you ask? With the presidential news conference on 17 Oct 07, I believe. In that conference he spoke on Iran and its drive for nukes. And he basically said that if they did get their nukes WWIII would be in the a possibility. While predicting the possibility of said war, the president chuckled and smirked. He was AMUSED at the fact that WWIII was a possibility. You may read say what you want, but when speaking about the possibility of a world war it would not be advisable to chuckle and smirk.

If it was not amusing to him, then why the amusement?

Democrats are so lame that they cannot even find something like this to use in Stark's defense. They just let conservative talk show host go on and on about how uncalled for, Stark's comments were. I say wake butt brains, there is a justification for his comments. Please for the love of GOD USE IT!

How did these ass clowns get elected--they are not smart enough to go after the conservs! If a peon like me can find a good justification, then should not the people that make the big bucks find them also. If not, what are we paying them for?

A lame bunch of people, with no vision other than re-election. And then they wonder why the American people think they are impotent. You asked for it--You got it!


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