07 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Sunday already? Just seems like yesterday was Saturday. The smoking lamp is on!

News for those without a clue!

1--Pam Anderson to marry Rick Solomon, Paris Ex, the one who made the tape. Lites! Camera! Action! Let the money roll!

2--Woman dies in Police custody after she makes a scene in an airport. They say she strangled herself with her hands cuffed behind her. thinking....thinking....Please explain how one does that!

3--More taser vids--cop zaps man quickly after traffic stop and Texas cop zaps 15 yr girl after a curfew stop. This stuff is just shocking!

4--Thai chef gets busted while cooking chiles for sauce. People call in a terrorist attack! The food is toxic--lol

5--Texas kills hubby with a sherry enema--was she drinking first? think about it.

6--Auto dealer in south Fla. is accused of being a traitor because he ran a Spanish language ad on an English language station. No they are not racist.

7--Mirena--a new contraception device, it must be inserted4ed by a doctor, it last for 5 yrs and is 99% effective. Add says that for more info on how it works and other data to contact maker. How does it work? thinking....thinking......IT IS A CORK!

These are the stories that make up some news shows and I just wanted to let you know what you missed by watching game shows.

May your day be...........pick your closing!


tumbleweed said...

Thanks for the update CHUQ.lol.

CHUQ said...

Glad you guys like it. It is fun finding crap that the news reports that is absolutely worthless.

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