03 October 2007

To Fund A War

I have been an outspoken opponent of the war and the way it is being handled in Congress. These people have tried and failed to stop the madness and then caved to the Prez and given him just about everything he asked for. Still do not see where these people are doing what the American people are asking them to do.

But my faith has been sort of restored. Why? Good question! Rep Obey, D-WI, has introduced an idea to fund the war. He is proposing an increase on the surtax from 2% to 15%, which would raise about $150 billion, which is very close to the money that the Prez was asking for in his begging for funds. This is a positive step, IMO, to finding ways to end this war.

A recent poll shows that about 74% of the American people did not want the Admin to get its extra funds, but that was of no consequence to the Reps in Washington. But if they can push this proposal through and it becomes the law of the land, anti-war protests will begin and begin with a bang. Sad that it will take this type of thing to make people start protesting and finally win an end to the war. But this war has gone on for too long, simply because the American people have not had to sacrifice anything short of their children. A kick to the wallet will wake them up to the obscenity and then they will demand an end.

I will be watching this piece of legislation and will comment from time to time on it.



tumbleweed said...

I'm a bit bit surprised by the lack of protests against an unpopular war. I'm begining to think they don't really care half as much as they say they do.People seem to have just accepted it .

CHUQ said...

True that, it seems that they are against it when they actually think about it. But if the new surtax should pass, these fools will be screaming louder than anyone.

BTW, welcome back always glad to have you show up.

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