20 October 2007

The Horror That Is Burma

SH*T! he is at it again! The Pres had yet another news conference where he spouted more of his hypocritical horsesh*t!

He spoke with Laura on one side and good ol' Condy on the other. I am still not certain why they were there, they said nothing and actually looked kinda bored. Anyway, I digress. Bush announced newer sanctions against Myanmar, Burma to you. The US will target certain people within the junta and their families. Companies will also be watched. Does that mean that Paris will not be able to buy a ruby? HA HA HA! Of course, she will, these sanctions are toothless at best.

The Pres mentioned the horror of the lack of human rights. Thinking...thinking...what about GITMO? He was horrified by the deaths in Burma. I ask what about the deaths in Darfur or Iraq or ............? My point is this whole sanction thing is a cop out! It is nothing short of a band aid for a gunshot wound. They have no teeth. The only hope there is that if things get too bad, more people will join the protests for democracy. But on the other side of that coin, the more that join, the more will die when the junta responds to the protests.

Talks are wanted. Palestine have talked on and off for 40+ years and how has that worked out? I say arm the people, they will do what is best for them, not what is best for the US. you want a free Burma, armed struggle looks like the last measure.

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