06 October 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

And yet another week of polls. They never stop, as long as we are looking for someone to run the country and the government.

CNN poll found that 53% of all people asked which party would be best serve the country, answered Democrats.

NBC poll showed that when the people were asked if their Rep should be returned to Washington, 47% said NO, that it was time for a change. An interesting figure, but we will see if they vote that way soon.

Even a recent FOX poll shows that Clinton would beat Rudy in a general election 42% to 32%.

Seems the media has done a really good job helping Clinton become the front runner. But will it translate into votes when the primaries start?

That is about all the time there is for this stuff. Have a day and if you see little figures in clouds, please stop smokin' that sh*t and get a life!



tumbleweed said...

Fox News must be happy having to say that Hillary might have a chance of winning. I'm might watch Fox just to see the look on their face these days.lol.

CHUQ said...

Sometimes I think they do that just to get more people to vote for her or maybe not, I think they are trying to influence sub-conscientiously.

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