28 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Sunday--Sunday--You bought a seat but you will only use the edge!

Not much happening in the news, except for the massive redundancy of fires.


1-Harry Porter's, Dumbeldore, is gay. Was that really of concern to people?

2--Jindal, elected gov. of Louisiana. The 1st Indian-American to ever get elected as gov. he will also be the youngest. Do you care?

3--Fires in Malibu

4--Fires in Orange County

5--Fires around San Diego

6--Fires in......you have got the picture right?

7--Fires coming under control.

8--Houston couple arrested for cocaine was found in kid's blood.

OK, the redundancy is over, you may return the seat in the upright position.


tumbleweed said...

Thanks for the update CHUQ. I was pretty busy this week and missed most of it.lol.

CHUQ said...

I hear ya! I am just glad someone visits. LOL thank for the participation, I truly appreciate it.

Kizzume said...

Put that news on an infinite loop for a few more days and then maybe there'll be something else on tv news.

CHUQ said...

HI Kizz, always nice to hear from you. My update is usually the most worthless of news.

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