04 October 2007

Where Have All The Racists Gone?

For some years racism seem to be waning, but in the last year or so it is back and with a vengeance. Remember Imus and his totally unprofessional comment? How about the Jena 6? How about the nooses showing up in Louisiana and NewYork? How about the Louisiana school bus driver that made black children sit in the back of the bus? None of this sounds like the racism of the past is going away anytime soon.

Recently, FOX's Bill O'Reilly made a few bone head comments about he was surprised that black people could run a successful restaurant and that he was surprised that they could be well dressed. He still does not realize that his comment was racist, or at least could be perceived as racist. A lot of attention has been paid to his comments and as such his TV ratings have increased. Why?

The American, no matter how they deny it, are racist. Look at the immigration debate. Paint it anyway you want, it is still trying to eliminate the people of color. The more that people deny the fact the more racist they appear.

To answer the original question, they have gone nowhere. They are here, but more covert than in the past.


tumbleweed said...

If Bills viewership went up it's because more folks wanted to know what a true idiot looked like.

CHUQ said...

Hope do hope you are right. I would hate to think that there are more racists than I thought.

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