19 October 2007

Iraqi Troop Drawdown

The Congress has been impotent to end the war, as a matter of fact they gave the Pres the funds to continue the war. Wait.......74% of the American people did not want the Pres to get the funds! Thinking....thinking.....if the people are the voice of the country--NO ONE IS LISTENING! Why? Come on you know the answer! It is all about who gets elected! It was never about what the people want!

Okay, the Pres wants to prove that his lame ass program, the Surge, is working so there will be a troop draw down by next year. Oh yeah, just in time for the Primaries--coincidence? Only if you are stupid enough to believe in such. His plan is to bring approximately 30, 000 troops home by the end of the year. Again just in time for the elections. Coincidence? Yada Yada.

This sounds really good right? Our boys and girls get to come home, finally. But wait! Yesterday there was a report that some National Guard units were being called up to go by the beginning of the year of 08. Oh yeah, some 20,000 of them.

Have you been paying attention? What part of that sounds like a draw down to you? The so-called draw Down is nothing but a political ploy to help repubs in the upcoming election. They can say we are bring the troops home. true that, but they are sending almost as many over to Iraq.

See what happens when you pay attention? You see politicians for what they are manipulating pricks and most important, f*cking LAIRS!

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