27 October 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

I recently was doing research and came across all polls that were predicting outcomes of the presidential election. The asked about the three frontrunners in the races. In everyone poll except one the Democrat beat the Repub no matter which candidate was up against the Dems. The only pool that had the Repub beating the Dem candidate was the Zogby poll, it had:

Giuliani beating Edwards by 3%

These early polls are showing just how bad and anxious the American people are to change the leadership of the country.


tumbleweed said...

The outcome of these polls are as diverse as the race itself. Nobody knows yet who will be in the final countdown.

CHUQ said...

True that! But the one I cited is the only place a Repub could win, no matter which candidate they put up, they would be beat in an election.

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