26 October 2007

Blackwater--Government Bail out?

The U.S. Embassy on Wednesday began offering tens of thousands of dollars in payments to victims and families of victims of the Sept. 16 shootings in Baghdad involving security guards from the firm Blackwater Worldwide, according to relatives and U.S. officials.

Family members of several victims turned down the compensation, out of concern that accepting the funds would limit their future claims against the North Carolina-based security contractor and its chief executive, Erik Prince. Others said that the money being offered -- in some cases $12,500 for a death -- was paltry and that they wanted to sue Blackwater in an American court.

What the hell is this!?! The US govt is trying to save Blackwater's butt by trying to get people to settle for a lesser sum.

Why is the US gov. trying to bail out Blackwater? They seem to want the company NOT to be held responsible for its actions. Why? What has Blackwater done for the government that it needs to be protected at all costs? I will be watching, for there is more to this story than reaches the ear.

AFTER NOTE: I read someplace that the US Intel services uses private contractors to gather Intel. Now somewhere, somehow, that has got to be a bad thing. I do not want some "cowboy" agent running around pretending to be 007.

Enough said?


tumbleweed said...

WTF? Why are we paying for it?

CHUQ said...

I have a Prob with it also. Sounds like the government trying to protect a private company from lawsuits. That cannot be allowed.

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