18 October 2007

A Thought On SCHIP

A battle looms! Congress passed SCHIP and sent it to pres; he vetoed and now it is in Congress for them to try and find the guts to override. Personally, I do not think they have the guts to override.

The Pres said he vetoed because he did not want that burden to fall on the tax payer. Thinking.....And what about the war is not a burden on the tax payer. A mere portion of that money would fund this program. But he must protect the tax payer. GOD I love this stuff.

I have a simple option that would go a long way in solving all this petty bullsh*t over the program. ASK THE TAX PAYER! You see it is that easy.

Another thing--tax cuts, according to the admin puts more money into the system, for the people will have extra money to spend and that is good for the economy. Using that same lame line of thinking. If people who have the kids on a private policy were covered by the government, would that not put more money back into the economy, for the people would not need that private policy and thus woulod have more money to spend?

Just a thought using the same twisted logic that the Repubs use on the tax cut thing.



tumbleweed said...

The battle is over. The Democrats lost the vote but it will pay off in 08.

CHUQ said...

yep and another step backwards.

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