24 October 2007



I ask that of the Dems! They have let this egotistical Pres get away with murder, both literally and physically. When will they start acting like men and women and stop acting like sheep? At least make an attempt to do the right thing.

Come on! Bush smirks at predicting WWIII--you let that go without a challenge. Why? He asked for a whopping $150 billion for the war and you gave it to him. Why? Now, he asks for another $50 billion for the war and you will no doubt cave to him. Why?

Ok more! Bush vetoes SCHIP because it would be too expensive and then turns around and asks for the same amount for his war. Where is the challenge to him? Where is the massive mouth pieces that should be on very talk show blasting this? Where is the GUTS?

You, if you will recall, were sent to Washington to do one thing--END THE WAR! And what have you done? Just let this Pres keep playing his imperialistic game. You have done nothing! And now you want the American People to support the candidates of the DNC. These people are NO better than the mental midgets we have now. Your major candidates have no intention at ending the war, no matter how much they protest and bitch, they will keep our young in harm's way.

I ask once again, why should we trust you and your candidates? Nothing I have seen recently would lead me to believe that your ideas are no better than the party you want to replace. The American people are looking for someone with GUTS; you offer them the same damn thing as they have now. Why would we vote for you and your lame candidates?

The Oracle Of Inkwell
24 Oct 07

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