01 October 2007

Professor's monthly Congressional Scorecard

I started this last month as to inform my readers of the actions within the Congress. My scoring is by steps, forward, backward and no step. Last month, August, the Congress with all its stuff had taken a step backwards since coming to power in January.

This is the scorecard for September.

Pandering to Patraeus--backwards

Failure of the funds measure--backwards

Condemnation of MoveOn.org--backwards

Failure of the representation of DC--backwards

Airline Passengers bill--forward

Feingold's set date for withdrawal measure--forward

SCHIP legislation--forward

Partitioning of Iraq--forward (but I am being polite. I do not see this as a good measure, but at least they are trying.)

Vote on tightening sanctions on Iran--forward

House withdrawal plan that does not require a withdrawal--backwards

Failure of measure to require more time at home for troops--backwards

And the score is! 6 steps backwards, 5 forward.

The Congress has taken yet another step backwards. this is not what they were elected to do!

ATTENTION: This post or thread will from now on be posted on my other blog, "The Oracle Of Inkwell". I will give reminder here, but the meat of the analysis will be elsewhere.


01 Oct 07

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