17 October 2007

Is Obama On The Attack?

I have said, as many others have also, that Obama needs to stop being a good guy and go on the attack. Clinton is leading in the polls by as much as 20 points. The time has past for the Mr. Nice Guy routine. If he is to give her a race, he needs to start asserting himself more.

Guess what? He has taken off the kid gloves and put on some work gloves; he has started some minor attacks on Clinton. Hopefully more will come and people will see the differences in the two.

Yesterday he said in a speech that Clinton is a divisive candidate, that to support her would be to drive a wedge in the government. He also called her motivated by polls not real issues. That her platforms has little substance other than generalities, with no real direction. He said she was all about getting 50% +1 vote.

It is about time that he started attacking and pointing out the differences between the two candidates. He has got to keep it up. He has got to make voters see the difference in their two visions of America. Iowa has moved its Caucus to to 03 January 08, that is a little over 2 months, so NOW is the time to separate himself from the pack.



tumbleweed said...

I don't think attacking Clinton will help. He needs to convince the voters what he can do not waste time crying about an opponent. That's what seems to be working for her.

CHUQ said...

That and being married to Bill does not hurt either.

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