08 October 2007

The Professor Rants

I spend a lot of time trying to give people a perspective, a different perspective; I read and listen and analyze, but all that work is to no avail. I have 5 blogs that I give my slant on world affairs and such, but no matter how you promote their is little to no participation.

I also go to a couple of discussion forums to maybe exchange views with other and maybe to make them think about different things. These sources of aggravation are amazing, you have some that are willing to debate an issue and then you have those that want to be rude and insulting. There are more insults than debates, but I keep going trying to promote my perspectives. It is getting to the point that I am gonna chuck it all into a dumpster somewhere.

I have a couple of people that are reading and commenting on my blogs and to them I say thank you and I appreciate their participation, but if others are reading my blogs, they do not post. I am beginning to think that it is that they are afraid of a face to face, that they will hide in a forum and jump out and insult and then slink back into the crowd.

I just wish that I could get more people reading my blogs and maybe some of them would actually participate, that is why I started so many of them. Dreaming I guess, but it is better than not giving a sh*t!

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