19 October 2007

Is It Torture?

I am sick of this debate! Yes water boarding is TORTURE! But according to some Media talk show peeps, 90% of Americans will say it is okay. I suggest that before you make those kind of statements, that you ask someone who had been tortured. That would be a good idea before one makes some sweeping conclusion that has no validity.

Where do you draw the line? Who will be the oversight people? Does the results justify the means?

I am personally tired of talk show mouthpieces, that spend their time scratching their ass while in line to deposit their checks, making sweeping statements without knowledge of what it is they are supporting.

Let me ask, was the torture in NVA prisons justified? Was the torture inflicted by Nazis justified? How about the alleged torture of Cubans by Castro? And the torture of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge? If per chance you said no, then you are a HYPOCRITE!

Wake up butt face, TORTURE IS TORTURE! No amount of justification can change that fact.

I said it--I mean it!


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