02 October 2007

Are Markets Manipulated?

Think about it! Yesterday UBS, the Swiss bank group, wrote off $3.4 billion and the market broke 14ooo. CitiCorp reported that their profits would be off 60% and the market rose by 192 points. Oil is at $83 a barrel and the markets rise. Housing market is in the crapper. And will be for some time but yet the market closed at a record high. WTF?

Stats is the answer you are looking for! The stats will be reported as to not cause a panic in the markets. And then there are the hedge funds, wealthy investors that are speculating. All of which the government watches and massages.

Investors are really gamblers that have the house on their side. The House will tweek the markets as to prevent them from losing too much for too long. They will lose from time to time, but it is not the devastation that it has felt in the past.

So yes, the markets are manipulated in favor of the investors, big investors. Working people are on the outside and pay the price for all the bail outs the government gives the gamblers. It would be nice if someone would protect my investments in the roulette table, huh?

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