02 October 2007

What Are The Democrats Doing?

COWARDS! The Democrats are COWARDS! The Dems are acting like pansies! But what are they doing? They had a mandate that they cannot deliver on and so forth and so on. Just yesterday the Senate voted 92-3 to give the Prez his blood money. Probably with the hope that it will stave off his veto of the SCHIP thing. But 74% of the American people do not want the money to be spent on the war. So what are these people doing? They are doing what all politicians do--they play with people's lives.

The American people want deliverance from the politicians, but they get NOTHING! They will not listen to the people, once they go to Washington all bets are off. Is this the democracy that you hold up to the world? Please, it is a farce and it gets worse every election.

A new Prez is coming! But what we get? Just another of the same crap we have been getting for years. Big money will rule; the people will suffer. So, you think I am wrong? The Repubs are in big trouble, no one jumps out as the new leader. Big business is abandoning the GOP in favor of Clinton. Think about that for a moment........................Is that enough time? If Hilary was gonna be bad for business why would they be throwing their weight behind her? She will be just another politician that you can bitch about after she is elected. She will not bite the hand that feeds her money.

Next election--nothing will change. That is what you have to look forward to; another 4+ years of the same sh*t over and over. Welcome to the nightmare.


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tumbleweed said...

Looks like another lesser of the 2 evils vote coming up.

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