23 October 2007

An Indian-American Governor

The state of Louisiana has elected an India-American as governor of the state. First time in US. He will be the youngest governor and he is a Repub. Of course, he would be a Repub, he is wealthy, what else would he be? and he has a plan to clean up the state; not sure what that plan is, he never really said, but he has one nonetheless.

Of course in his victory speech he eludes to the fact that he is the son of immigrants. A humble beginning--BULLSH*T! All these types use that immigrant thing or the "son of a poor sharecropper". People! People! it is all bullsh*t, they are millionaires and have NO idea what it was like to be a sharecropper. WAKE UP! Stop being mental midgets! ALL try to appear to be humble--they are ELITIST! I do not care where they came from or who their grandparents were--they are ELITISTS!

Jindal, new gov of LA, has one thing going for him--he married a Indian woman, so conservs will like him, he did not interracially marry. BTW, he supports the war in Iraq, for whatever reason, no one is sure.

Only time will tell just how good he woill be for Louisiana. I think he has a long hard road.

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