14 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Another Sunday in the park--Damn that was Chicago. I have put together the most wonderful collection of worthless crap that CNN or MSNBC or FOX could come up with in the past week.


1--Yet another person hassled by Southwest Airlines for the way he was dressed. Someone needs to publish a passenger's dress code.

2-A huge sink hole is claiming expensive homes in Calif.--I told you Calif. sucked!

3-OMG! Another investigation into Princess Di death--how long must we endure this sh*t?

4--Marion Jones is ordered to return 5 medals and repay $100,000...thinking...I thought she was an amateur athlete?

5--Japanese have genetically engineered a clear skin frog--I have nothing clever to say.

6--Another noose shows up in NYC, at the campus of Columbia University. Still think there is no racism?

7--Vick told to repay $20 million to the Falcons organization.

8--Guy in Wisconsin that shot up girlfriends party killing ppl and then escaped , shot self in head 3 times. How do you do that? It is kinda like choking yourself with handcuffs behind your back.

9--USMC wants out of Iraq--that ought to play well with the army/marine rivalry.

10-EX commander in Iraq rips Bush and boyz as incompetant--but we already knew that, so not much new there.

That is the crap you missed. Now aren't you glad I showed up? HA!

TTFN! Peace--Out!


tumbleweed said...

Great list CHUQ.I thought it was a boring week for news and though I heard some of the list mentioned on the tv, I didn't turn around once to pay any attention it any of it.

CHUQ said...

That is why I am here, to help you stay informed without having to actually listen to the crap. LOL

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