22 October 2007

Professor's Classroom

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Now it is time to get back to work. Today's quizz is about one our most revered presidents.

While this soon to be president was working in Europe, he discovered something that he just had to have. But unfortunately, to take this out of the country was punishable by death. This person decided to steal the product and bring it to the US. The questions are: who was the person? And what was it he had to have?

Good luck and may all your children be born naked.

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CHUQ said...

Come On! The answer is T. Jefferson. When he was ambassador to France he ate some Italian rice and fell in love with it. He stole bags of the rice, paid a smuggler to take it across the Alps into France where he put it on a ship to the US.

Jefferson was an unconvicted felon!

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