17 October 2007

Verizon--Your Link to The World

Do you have Verizon cel services? Did you know they gave phone records to the US spy agencies without a warrant? Is that what you want from a wireless carrier?

People, people, we are losing our civil rights one piece at a time. The Congress is not being much help protecting us, they have authorized even more violations. When will this stop? Not until you get off your ass and make it STOP! Stop living in fear! Find real protectors of your rights and support them.

As long as this bunch of people are in power, you will continue to lose your rights and no one will help you--you must help yourself! Let me give you a clue--if they are on TV massaging voters for their support, you will pay a large price for your support. Or just roll over and play dead--for they will eventually come for YOU!



tumbleweed said...

I don't have wireless service and if I did it would be boring as hell reading my transcrips.

This is a police state posing as a democracy.

CHUQ said...

I have a cel and you can bet that verizon will see none of my money.

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