04 October 2007


I have found another anal statement that I will put into the running for the "ASSIE" award that I will give at the end of the year. This one is yet another one from the lips of Pres. Bush.

"Chaos would embolden not only the extremists and radicals who would like to do us harm, but it would also embolden Iran. What you don't want is to have a nuclear arms race taking place in the Middle East."

He still says that if we leave Iraq it will embolden Iran. You have to love this guy, he can say the dumbest things and mean them. I would say that the invasion has done more to embolden Iran than leaving would. I am not alone in this belief.

Your thoughts?


tumbleweed said...

I look forward to the day they put this jerk on a shelf and we move on. He hasn't made an inteligent statement since being a politician.

CHUQ said...

He seems to be leading in nominations for the ASSIE. So you may be right, he is an idiot or at least think before you speak.

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