15 October 2007

An Environmental Reality


Ethanol! Ethanol! Rah! Rah! Rah!

The cheer go up we can finally end our dependence on foreign oil. Now that is a one pound bag of manure, which they are selling to the people. Guess what!? They are buying this crap (pun intended). As long as we allow the oil companies to make obscene profits, you will NEVER be weaned from foreign oil. Why is that? Ethanol cannot be transported through pipelines, for it will pick up impurities like water. So, the only way to transport it is in trucks. Now guess what? Trucks use diesel and that is another pollutant. Ethanol IS NOT the answer, sports fans.

Let us talk about how environmentally friendly ethanol is, NOT! A Stanford study showed that ethanol is at least as polluting as gasoline and could be more so. The burning of ethanol produces more lung damaging ozone than the burning of gasoline. Another polluting factor of ethanol is that farmers will use a nitrogen based fertilizer which will enter into the water supply, killing marine life and such. This alone should make it unwise to push the use of corn as an alternative. But who cares, it is all about who makes the profits, not what it will do to the environment.

Now let us talk about corn prices. Ethanol refiners use huge amounts of corn and with that food prices will go up and up. Corn is used in food production from feed for the cattle that make out steaks to the syrup for our soft drinks. As the demand for ethanol rise, so will the price of our food. The more corn that is planted the less other crops are raised and this will also add to the price of food. Nothing about ethanol is a good.

Corn is not even the best source of ethanol. Sugar cane is and it produces 8 times more energy than it uses to make. Corn, however, the ratio is 1.3 to 1. This basically means that corn produces a little more energy than it consumes in the refining process. Not an efficient product.

The US is importing foreign oil so that ethanol can be produced and distributed. The only thing that is being accomplished by the production of ethanol is we are putting the grocery store in competition with the gas station for the use of the corn.

Ethanol is nothing new! It was used in Ford’s original Model T and it was considered in the 1970’s during the oil embargo. If ethanol is inefficient and costly why is it even being considered? That is the easiest question to answer—PROFITS! No one in the oil business wants to eliminate out dependence on foreign oil. Why would they shoot themselves in the ass? Answer—they will not cut off their supply of profit.

This is not an answer to dependency, it is however an answer to oil companies retaining their profit margin, for an additive will still need a supply of the original product and that translates into continued exploitation by the oil companies.

I am always amazed that the American consumer will pay $60,000 for an SUV, but will not spend $5 on a light bulb that will use less energy. The American consumer wants others to do the sacrifice, not them personally. There is the problem Americans are shallow little toads, that think a tax deductible donation will solve the problem and all they have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Do not take my word for it! Do some research and you will find that I am correct. Do not hand the oil industry any more power than they have taken in the past. It is time for the people to become the power; we have waited long enough; time to act my friends.

15 Oct 07


tumbleweed said...

Ethanol made from corn is one of the biggest scams in my recent memory. It benefits the farmers but does very little for reducing dependence on foreign oil.

A good conservation program would go a lot further to reduce iol imports and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

CHUQ said...

But that would mean that Americans would have to sacrifice a bit and few are willing.

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