05 October 2007

Troops And Vets Get What Is Coming To Them

Yes they are! A really, really fine screwing!

Americans buying stupid magnets and fly flags and put little cardboard signs in the yard and lastly they have yellow ribbons on trees. What a crock of crap! But yet, they still support the Administrations complete f*cking of the troops and vets.

They are asked to endure extended tours away from their loved ones. They are asked to put their lives on the line for the World. And what do they get in return?

A military hospital that was no better than abu Grebh. They get refusal of medical benefits or at best reduced medical. They were exposed to a new bacterial disease that is baffling doctors. And they were refused their education benefits when they return.

Now you sanctimonious a/holes what part of this is a support for the people you ask to fight and die, while you sit on your asses and complain about the price of eggs? Thomas Paine had a name for people like you--Sunshine Patriots!

And the media----what a bunch of ass wads these people are--ALL OF THEM! They will report on some guy with a guy and some high speed chase that has nothing to do with news. But yet they will not report on a daily basis the battles that the vets most fight everyday. And the really sad part is those battles are against the very country that put them in the position to be injured or killed. One of you self-centered little ass wipes explain that to me and the rest of the vets .

I am a vet, and thank God I did not need the government's help when I came back from Vietnam. But someone has got to step up and demand that these people be treated with the respect they deserve. I am ashamed and embarrassed by the people of the US. they are self-center little pricks that deserve no respect or consideration in any way.

I am disgusted daily, by the news of the treatment of out troops and vets. Nothing can be done or said that can change my attitude toward this f*cked up society.

Yes! I am CHUQ and I meant every f*cking word!

05 Oct 07


tumbleweed said...

Those pins and bumper stickers are nothing more than people wanting someone to think they are acually supporting someone.They buy a ribbon and consider themselves patriots.

CHUQ said...

As I said Thom. Paine called it right--Sunshine Patriots!

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