23 October 2007

What Aare They Doing?

Recently, I have been watching the Congress for some type of success, but I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe that they can accomplish anything worthwhile.

While researching legislation I found some interesting stuff.

1--Rep Tancredo has authored a resolution that will recognize the importance of western civilization.

2--rep. Rehberg has offered a resolution recognizing the 125th anniversary of Billings Montana.

3--Rep. Gilmore has offered the recognotion of the contributions of freemasons.

4--Rep. Castor has offered a resolution for support for a National Child Health month.

And then I found two bills, HR 240 and HR 320 that are private bills. Private Bills? I had to look this up for I do not recall a bill being private. I was laboring under the false belief that it was an open democracy.

How about a definition of a private bill--it is when people seek Congress to help them with personal problems. How nice; they cannot help the nation but they can handle individual personal problems. There is your beloved "open" democracy.

Another point, the House could not get SCHIP passed but they will waste time on proclaiming a month for child health. Little short of the goal would you say?

I point out this so you can see just how much time and effort is wasted by these reps. I also found they spen a wealth of time offering resolutions on stamps, congrats to people, etc. I pay them to get sh*t done not massage the egos of their financial base.

BY THE WAY! SCHIP would have cost about $50 billion and the President has said it was too expensive. But yet, yesterday Bush asked for $46 Billion more for the funding of the war. Will he get it? Probably! Dems should use this as a campaign thing or at least stick to the Repubs with the increase. Will they? Probably not--THEY ARE COWARDS!


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