07 March 2007


As one might guess, I do a lot of posting on different discussion forums, well, on one particular one, I am "doom and gloom" because I post on things that go wrong. I am also accused of being on the Left. well, that part is pretty true, but unfortunately, my detractors do not know where the left is, to begin with. They are working on the assumption I am a democrat. HA! Wrong, moose-breath! I have little use for any politician within the 2 party system.

To these people, if you are not a conservative, then you are part of the left. How nice, ddoes that mean that everbody, but a conserv is a leftist? I guess, but what a pile of crap that thinking is. To me a demo is just a middle of the road conserv, there is nothing liberal about their present thinking. And these same people see the media as left leaning, (pause), (wipe tears of laughter from eyes). All I can say two things, if their IQ ever makes it to 100--SELL! And if shoe size and IQ are close to each other, keep you mouth shut.



tumbleweed said...

People label everyone who don't agree with them of being on the Left. I quit paying much attention to them myself.Unless they refer to me as "ilk".LOL.

CHUQ said...

LOL--Oh stop! Yes and I really hate it when they do it. I usually ask them to define that before I answer, just to see if they know what they are talking about.

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