13 March 2007

Is Iraq A Country?

The Country Formerly Known As Iraq

I hope you recall Prince or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince or as it is now, he is back to prince; I guess all the law suit crap was taken care of and finally settled. I bring up this occurance because Iraq is going through something similar.

I have been giving this situation a lot of thought and consideration. I have heard from friends in the area of what was told the Bush guys before the operation for the liberation of Iraq was to take place. None of their reccommendations were heeded; they fell on deaf ears and now the Us is in crap up to their collective butts. Desparately, the administration is grasping at straws to solve the dilemna they have forged for themselves.

I guess being the fine upstanding individual that I am I will assist them. Now that I have patted myself on the back, how will I help? Tea leaves, comes to mind. Tarot cards are just pretentious, and reading the knots on my head is out--too painful trying to get them there. Anyway--I shall continue.

There are several avenues that Iraq could travel on its way to better things, independence. What are these? well class take out your pencil and paper and we shall begin.

Democracy--Bush's favorite term and ultimate goal. This, at best, is a very fragile reality. Why? Well, you are lumping three separate cultures that have hated each other for centuries, into one country and expect it to be a stable democracy. (snap, snap) No way Batman! At best it is a pipedream thought up by people who have no idea what they are doing. Kinda as stupid as the lines drawn at the end of WWI to create Iraq.

Now the yell of Islamists, a Islamic Republic of Iraq. Thoughts? It happened in Iran, but Iran is almost totally Shi'a, whereas Iraq it is only about 65% Shi'a. What does it mean? The Sunnis will not allow this to happen. And the Kurds would be about as non-receptive as the Sunni. A bomb!

What? What was that I heard? Partition? This would break up Iraq into 3 separate states, Shi'a, Sunni and Kurd. What of this? If it were to happen the Turks would immediately be at the throats of the Kurds, the Shi'a and Sunni would be at each others throats, wait! wait! They already are at each other throats. Since the new oil law it would be more profitable for the oil companies if Iraq stayed intect. That alone would probably prevent any partitioning of the country. You think or believe Iran is involved in the violence within the country, just let it break up and then talk about the violence.

OK, what is left? Since none of the leaders that are in the back pockets of the US,is capable of controlling the violence, about all that is left is a strong leader, this would be similar to a benevolent dictator. This would make it necessary to curb the violence by such actions as martial law and postponed elections, among other forms of repression. Is this the things to come? Who flippin' knows?

What is Iraq to do? That, my friends, is the $64 question. Which ever program they try, I do not believe that it will succeed with a massive involvement of the US and its money.

Have you ever heard of a win-win situation? Not happening in Iraq, no matter what is tried, the only thing that comes to mind is ---BAM! You Lose!

I am underwhelmed by the lack of prep by the Bush aministrsation, these guys knew all along what was going to happen after the invasion and they continued with BS policy, so now ask yourself, who is profiting by the war and the occupation? Once you have that answer a whole new world of knowledge will open up to you.


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