29 March 2007

Quote Of The Day

This is a quote by House leader Pelosi. THe pres has said he will veto any Iraqi war thing coming from the Congress.

Pelosi--"(the President) gets no more blank checks for the war. The pres will get every dollar and more that he asks for, but with accountability."

What does that mean? I realize there is a political tactic called "doublespeak" but what did she say? My question now, why waste time on a non-binding resolution? If no one can can be held to it, why waste the time? Basically, it is just a political thing so they have a little ammo during the campaign. All the while, the Congress and the Pres play games, troops are dying.

If you are against the war, all the people, then FORCE them to stop. Take it to the streets--vote in the streets. If not, then sit on your hands and watch the fatalities grow, or wrap your worthless ass in the flag and watch the injuries mount.


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