14 March 2007

Let's Talk Sports

I must have been in a coma, for when did poker become a sport? I mean it is on ESPN so someone thinks it is a sport. WHY?

Next on the sporting events is Competative Eating. Now, when did being a pig and a glutton become a sport? I mean come on--football is entertainment, but watching someone wolf down 40 hot dogs? Someone needs to get out more. Find a life!

X Games--if these people are addicted to adrenalin then I suggest they enlist in the military, I am sure that they could find something that would help their need for adrenalin.

Mountain climbers--"we do it because it is there". Please will someone give these idiots a trophy for being the dumbest of the dumb. Climb a mountain in winter and not expect bad weather? Stupid is as stupid does.

Just had to be said--and now I feel better.


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