14 March 2007

What If---

What If--There was A kurdistan?

Let us say that somewhere, somehow, one of the Bush Boyz has a brain fart and they give the Kurds their own country. You know that area in N. Iraq, The area that was promised them by the Brits at the end of WWI. This could be something special, the birth of a new country. This is big what if, huh?

But wait, after it becomes a country what about the others? What others? I will bet you are asking. Well, this same area that the Kurds claim is also the same as the area claimed by the Assyrians. Yes, it is a serious claim. There are Patriotic Fronts, Parties and other such political entities.

So imagine what if Kurdistan became a country--the Assyrians would probably be the same pain in the ass as the Kurds were to Saddam. What would this do to the region? About the same as happening now. But wait, most Assyrians are Christian and the Kurds are mostly Muslim. Now there is a combination that would present a helluva problem for the world.

Giving the Kurds their own country, a free and separate country, would be a large mistake and would be a calling for more sectarian violence and more conflict. So since it would be a big problem, it is probably being considered by some low level bureaucratic hiding in the basement of the State Dept.

All I can say about what ifs is--what if worms had machine guns, birds would not fuck with them.


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