23 March 2007


Alrighty then--For awhile now the Bush Admin has been saying the the new security surge is going well and some progress has been made, then given enough time Baghdad will be secure. On the other side of that coin--opponenets have been saying that the surge for security is just a band-aid for a gunshot wound. They say that no amount of trrops and money will ever secure the Iraqi capital.

Who to believe? On one hand you have admitted lairs and on the other you have thrill seekers, looking for that Pulitzer story. Who to believe? What to do?

Let's see yesterday while the new UN chief was having a press conference an explosion went off. I think he soiled himself, anyway, that does not sound like a secure area to me. Anyone else?

Today, the deputy VP of Iraq was in his compound working, when a suicide bomber enteres into his office a --Ka-Bam!!!!!! Bunch of people died, the VP is in intensive care and the compound looks like a bomb went off--wait! wait! A bomb did go off.

Where is the security? Is it there or where? Sorry, peeps, someone is lying--THERE IS NO SECURITY IN BAGHDAD.



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