24 March 2007

News Tidbits for 24/03/07

Just a few of stories of the day.

15 UK trrops captured by Iran--UK says they were in Iraqi waters, Iran says no they were not. I realize most Americans will side with the UK on these statements, but with all the west's chest thumping, could this be one provacation? Or possibly just an unfortunate occurance? You decide.

Rice to go to ME to have talks about the peace process. She wants the Saudis to alter their 2002 plan. What could be the purposed alteration? Israel will benefit no doubt, the most out of any changes. It is straight forward, no negoiations--LAND FOR EACE! It is just that simple.

More gas bombs in Iraq, that is 6 since 01/07. If there is a remedy for this, no one has any idea what it could possibly be.

Dems barely passed the resolution to have troops out by 31/08/08. If the elections showed that the majority wanted to find a way to fix this thing, why did this resolution barely pass?

Questions---questions---and more questions--It is a real shame that there are no adequate answers, just emotional bovine fecal matter that is disguised as an answer.


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