21 March 2007

WASSUP In Washington??

Ok you remember the last elections, the Dems promised all kinds of stuff to get your votes and in the beginning they started with a bang. Little to none has become reality just a bunch of hot air to give the impression of actual work. They were appalled by the conditions at walter Reed, they want a deadline to be out of Iraq, yada, yada, yada!

Now they are all over this prosecutirs thing, to the point that it is all consuming, taking the pres and his boys. None want the talks with Rove, et al to be off the record; they want it recorded so that they can say whatever it is they want to say. Of course, the pres wants it off the record, and who would not?

The repubs are resisting on partisan grounds just as the dems are also. So is the honeymoon over? No, there is alot of screwing go on on a honeymoon and believe me the truth will be screwed out of shape.

All well, and good, but where will they find the time for all that legislation they have been thumping their chests about. This DOJ thing seems to be consuming all their time. If so, where does that leave immigration, the vets, the war, domestic programs and on and on?

JUst keep your eyes on the news and you will be given a show you may not soon forget and it will illustrate just how screw this system is. Enjoy! This is the system and the people you choose to run your lives. Are you satisfied?


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