30 March 2007

Observations Of The Day

Just a few of the more interesting things that occur.

Carl Rove--what can I say? DAMN! white boy needs to leave HipHop to the pros.

While speaking to union workers, Hilary said she wants to make the US "bold again". ...........(thinking)........What the hell is she talking about? Slogans--nothing but slogans--when will the people demand action instead of half ass slogans? Probably never, they are that fucking lazy!

OOPS! Guiliani may be in deep do-do! Of yeah, I heard his first wife was also his cousin--he should fair well in the South.

Iran seems to be calling the UK's bluff. Tough talk by Blair has resulted in the release of the female captive to be cancelled. What to do?

US has said it is not occupying Iraq--what would we call it then?

New US ambassador sworn in at Baghdad ceremony--name--Ryan Crocker and he speaks fluent Arabic. Would anyone like to bet on which oil company he has ties to?


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