15 March 2007

Politcs Is Never Having To Say You Are Sorry

Has everyone been watching the Gonzalez thing unfold? Prosecutors were fired and now people want to know why. Was it becuase they were acting in a non-Bush way? This story is on-going and humorous.

Humorous? How so? Have you listened to Attorney General? Every interview he says that "mistakes" were made. Ok that nice to know but who made them? The mistake thing is saying that somebody screwed up, but we will not say who. It is a disguised apology without having to apologize.

Will they find out who made the "mistakes"? Will they make these people pay with their jobs?

Good questions, and the answer is simple--NO! Somebody will be given up as the sacrifical lamb; you know kinda like Libby.

And that is the name of that tune!


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