12 March 2007

Who Says They Did Not Know?

Pre-War Findings

Recently, I had the good fortune of talking with some long time friends in the Middle East. We talked about the war and how it was going and what would be the possible outcomes. None of their predictions are rosy.

We talked about the days before the war and what was known at the time. It seems that strategists formulated what the outcome would be after the initial invasion and that their findings and recommendations were forwarded to the Bush Administration. The findings were as such:

Any Sunni resistance would crumble along with the Iraqi Army.

The Shi'as would be the problem because of Iran's desire to stir up trouble and keep the US off balance.

The Kurds could be coumnted on as long as their safety was guaranteed from the Turks and the Sunnis.

Foreign fighters would become the problem if secutiry was not immediately established. The longer security was lacking the more difficult it would be to re-establish it. And with that foreign fighters would find a haven that would be difficult to break and the longer it took the more entrenched they would become.

Most of these findings were ignored by the Bush Administration in their haste to get democracy in place. They totally ignored any thing that did not fit into their arrogant plan for Iraq.

Funny how all these things seem to have taken place or are taking place as we speak.

OK hindsight is 20/20, but if they were informed before the invasin it is not hindsight, it would foresight and unfortunately for the troops and the Iraqi people, foresight was not something the administration wanted to deal with in their haste to bring the elusive democracy to the country.

It is a little late to try and put these recommendations in place since the war is going to crap and the admin is scrambling around trying to find a solution. Too bad they could bring themselves to use the solutions given to them before the invasion.

Troops are mangled and die; Iraqis are mangled and die, and for what? Because of a bunch of arrogant imperialistic pigs would not listen to the voices of logic.

Just how proud could I be of this bunch of numb nuts?


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