21 March 2007

Today's News Bites

Just a few more observations for the day.

Boy Scout Found in NC--well--Gandolf found him. A very happy outcome, about time there is one with a happy ending.

Iraq--insurgents used a car with children in backseat to go thru a check point and then detonated a bomb. What a bunch of sick-os! I have always said that if it is in uniform it can be fair game, but once you start using children in any way you have lost a lot of respect and understanding.

Pres. Bush spends all his time saying that things will be handled. Attorney firings, vets situation and so on and so forth. Why does the media let this go on--make the bastards explain themselves so that the whole population knows what they did and why.

Gov. Blance of LA is not running for re-election--obviously, she is 24 pts behind her opposition, time to cut an run. If she stays she will be grilled on all the failed stuff from Katrina. God forbid anyone would be willing to give honest answers to the questions. Bye, girl!

Britney baby is out of rehab and now she needs her provacy. Why did the people I know who had a melt down take months and months to come out of rehab, but famous people can bounce back in a couple of weeks? I must have missed something.


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