26 March 2007

Sectarian Violence

When Did Sectarian Violence Begin In Iraq?

Do you have any idea? Was it after the 2003 invasion? Just when was it?

sunni and Shi'a lived together fairly peacefully for generations, but then Saddam and Iran had to start a war over oil resources and land. Because the Shi'a were of the same sect as Iran, Saddam started treating them like state enemies. He tried limiting their movement and put into place a network of informants to keep tabs on their leadership. After the end of the Iraq-Iran War, saddam started clamping down even harder than in the past. But wait! The 1st Gulf War starts and the Shi'a in the South of Iraq start feeling they have been saved. Wrong!

After this war was over, there was a no-fly zone in the South which was to help protect the population from an aerial assaulkt by Saddam's guys. But on the ground not much had changed, on the contrary, Saddam upped his repression of the Shi'as.

And then, when all looked bleak, a new George was in the White House and was not going to let the Iraq thing go. The Shi'a thought they were about to be saved once again. They were wrong!

Hopefully, you are well aware of what has happened and is happening in Iraq, especially along sectarian lines. If not, where the hell have you been?

The violence has been a natural progression to date. After centuries of bad feelings, suppression and betrayal, violence has erupted and there well could be no stopping it now. Violence begets violence, is the only thing one can say about the situation in Iraq. The tribal mentality is playing out as we speak--revenge the only justice, each group has at this time.

Can the violence be stopped? Yes, a definite yes! But not by the powers that are in control, for this group is feeding its desires for power with the bodies of Iraqis. The more Iraqis die, the more cash and influence each side will acquire and with that acquisition will come nore violence. A vivious circle? You bet and the US is a prime architect of that circle.

Only the Iraqis can stop the flow of events that is so much a part of Iraqi life. There are those who are attempting to make a difference, but since they are not a US supporter, little will be heard of their efforts and accomplishments. One such organization is the Iraq Freedom Congress, which is made up of normal Iraqis, workers, teachers, etc. This group is working for a non-sectarian Iraq, something the US will not be able to help provide the people. My thought? The US should remove itself from Iraq and give these people a chance; it will not be an easy transition but a better one than they have now.



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