14 March 2007

New Stuff From ME

Recently, Israel has shown interest in the Arab Peace Inititive of 2002. This could be a good sign, right? NO! Israel will consider it only if the changes they suggest are put into place. The Saudis, who came up with the plan, have said accept the whole and we will talk or reject it. IMO, a very good stand by the Saudis.

With this sort of good news Rice will head to the ME shortly. Her first stop will be Saudi--go figure! What will she bring to the Saudis? A demand of acceptance of the Israel changes? She has stated that she would return to discuss the re-enstatement of the Roadmap, but since Saudi is not involved with the Roadmap, why does she stop there first? A bit suspect? You betcha butt!

I say keep an eye on the new, it may take a couple of weeks but the results will be there.

And if you think that they will demand anything of Israel, then please join me in the conference room, I have some land in Florida I would like to seel, by the gallon.


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