05 March 2007

A Crock Of Crap!

I have been watching the Walter Reed Hearings and I am truly impressed--NOT!

Someone stated that the Washington Post should be proud for ruining careers-- I say screw their careers and how many lives have these parasitic SOBs ruined?

Cheney said at the Am. Legion thing that "IT WILL BE FIXED"! How nice, would it be fixed if the story had not broken--probably not! These elitist pricks are scrambling trying to save their collective asses.

These hearings are well and good, but a colassal waste of time and money, make all accountable from pres down, they caused the problem let themn suffer along with the men and women whose lives they destroyed.

If it was up to me, they would be stripped naked put honey and feathers all over them and run through the streets of Washington so all could see how these people, I use the term losely, should be treated.

These disgraced people will be fine, they will bounce back, why? Because they will not be made to suffer the indignities that they forced the soldiers to endure, these men and women will have the scars of the country's ingratitude for the rest of their lives. It is only fitting that thise responsible scarred as well, least we forget the disservice they have done to the troops.

I say NEVER give those animals a moments peace for the rest of their lives, make them relive over and over their abuse of fine men and women, until they are planted. Period!


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