19 March 2007

Organs, Organs, Who Has Got The Organs!

The Donor Program

The other day, in my 'hood there were a wealth of volunteers out pushing the Organ Donor Program. They were going door to door trying to sign people up for the program. I think it is an excellent program and would do good things for people who need an organ transplant.

Did I sign up? NO! Oh, you are already a donor, right? NO! NO?! But I have said it is a good program and does good things, so why am I not a donor?

OK, just remember you asked!

That is an easy question for me to answer--the program as is, sells the organs to the highest bidder. What? You ask? OK, the person needing the organ is put on a list and if an organ becomes available they are contacted and informed, but if they do not have money alread in place they are past over until the person and the money are there. I am sure there are exceptions to this, but the majority of the program works as I have stated.

Do I have this right? I am to donate my healthy organs to benefit an ailing person. but the hospitals and doctors charge for the transplant. Is that about right? I, out of the goodness of my heart, am willing to help someone, but the medicals dicks get paid? Well, that is about right!

Sorry, but if I am to give my organs freely to help people, then so should the entire operation be free to the reciepient. Again, I apologize, but my organs will not be used to extort money from people.

When the entire proceedure is free, then they may have my healthy organs, but until then, I will retain possession of them.


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