07 March 2007


Living and Dying In A Geopolitical World

Now here is the bomb--Geopolitics. What is it you may ask? Good question and now for something completely different.

Basically, it is a theory that the role of geography and factors there of, defines life within a society. This view states that developement of a society is directly dependent on geographical conditions. It uses a wealth of things to justify itself, like inequalities, insufficient living space or natural borders, etc. All of which can be used by a society bent on some imperialistic endeavor, which can be said is for the best of the world as a whole.

It is nothing but a lame attempt to disguise blatant aggression and a grab at world domoination, whether you call it communism or capitalism or whatever, it is the desire of a society or nation to impose its will on the entire world.

It is not an attempt to assist the world with social, economic or political problems. It is that the interest of the instigating society is primary and the attempt to remake the other society into an entity that will conform to the desires of the first society.

Does Iraq come to mind? Possibly Afghanistan? Only time will tell which way this will play out, but one can bet that the invading country will make up like a champ in the future.

Can there be a counter to geopolitics? Not now, the world has allowed this situation to festerinto a serpent that will consume it. The correct answer is there, but NO ONE wants to hear it or use it.


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