19 March 2007

News Bites Of The Day--19/03/07

Just a few of the crap of the day.

Accidental Suicide--Is this not an oxymoron? Either it was an accident or it was suicide. The term is being used in the Phil Spector thing.

4 yr old girl is abused by her father and step-mom with burns, bites, bruises and shock--Do these people need to keep breathing? Yes and made to suffer everything the child suffered.

A missing 12 yr old in North Carolina--missing for a couple of days--you know if they still had NAs they would have a resource for finding this kid. It is called tracking, something whites are not that good at.

Bong Hits For Jesus--do I need to say more?

Personal thought of the day:

In WWII, the American people were asked to sacrifice for the war effort and they did. They paid higher taxes, cuts in gas and sugar and were asked to donate certain things for the war effort. I say let us try it again and we will see just how much the people support the war. Buying magnets and flags is not a good indication.



tumbleweed said...

Bong Hits For Jesus is a bit over the top .IMO. Just the name itself sounds ridiculous.

CHUQ said...

At least the kid had a sense of humor. Of course, it got him suspened fro school for 3 weeks, but what the hell--he had his 15 mins of fame. Right?

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