07 March 2007

Questions Without Answers?

OK lots of talk about the Walter Reed thing--hearings and now a commission--why? If the crap is documented what will a commission find? Talk--the vets need none of that--there is enough talk--how about a little action? Yet another quetion, how many vets either died or got worse because of the inaction of the pigs?

We have all seen the pics of people repairing Bldg #18--right? They got rid of the mold--Right? But, what caused the mold? Has anyone asked or answered that question? What causes mold? Wetness! Where did the wetness come from? If that is not repaired, it will be back. It is nothing but a band-aid for a gunshot wound!

The media reports that there is an outrage over the treatment of the vets--if so, why no one calling for heads? Are they gonna let the politicians police politicians? Now there is a wasted bunch of time. I watched McCain on the tube, he was playing to the camera, he did not appear to be really concerned, just the angle of the camera. Yeah, he is my hero (sarcasm intended).

If you are impressed on the actions of the bureaucrats, then buy another magnet and grab your pom-poms and lead the cheers. This whole thing is a pile of bovine fecal matter--it is awaste of time and money--the result will be some badly worded report that will mean NOTHING to the vets. They need it fixed NOW--not nafter a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit!


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Marie said...

There is no way they can ever "fix" this, IMO. Sure, they can paint, fix up, do whatever, but the damage to OUR soldiers, OUR country has been done, the shame of it cannot be undone.

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